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Footwear for cleaning companies

Footwear for cleaning companies

The cleaning industry is one of the largest industries on the planet.

When an industry is so complex there is concern over the level of accidents. Whether working in the public or private sector the cleaning profession has a high risk of injuries.

Employer Responsibility

An employer is responsible for all the staff working under them. This means every employer needs to assess the risks their workers face and adopt the necessary measures and policies to reduce them.

It is important to make the workers aware of the risks they may encounter but also to provide them with PPE according to the task being performed.

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What is a PPE?

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, is anything that a member of staff wears or uses to reduce the risks they face in their daily job, without creating discomfort or negative effects to the user.

For example, someone working in construction will need to wear steel toe-capped boots to protect them from harm when things are dropped. But, getting heavy and impractical boots is more likely to create back and posture issues which are detrimental to their health. In order to deal with this scenario, the employer needs to find a balance between protection and comfort.

The Risks of the Cleaners

Cleaning has a multitude of risks and, in many cases, the cleaner may also be a lone worker.


Working in the constant presence of detergents and wet floors, one of the biggest risks for cleaners is slipping. Wearing footwear with non-slip soles helps reduce this risk.

Chemical Spills

Cleaners generally deal with an array of chemicals, which are necessary to get the job done properly. The strength of the chemical depends on the application but all chemicals can be a risk. This is why it is important to wear PPE such as gloves, protective glasses and suitable footwear to protect the operator from spills or splashes.The most aggressive chemical cleaners can do serious damage to your skin.

Biological Matter

Cleaners often have to deal not only with the cleaning of floors and surfaces but also with the removal of waste, which in medical places may also involve biological material. This involves possible contact with moulds, bacteria and viruses.  In short, a cleaner is constantly exposing themselves to possible infection. The right PPE dramatically reduces the risks.

Physical Factors

Cleaning is a physically demanding job and this can lead to pain.

The Right Footwear Helps

One of the most important pieces of PPE for cleaners is gloves. But, another, that is often overlooked, is shoes. The right footwear can reduce the risk of slips, protect you from chemical spills, and even support your posture to help to prevent physical injuries.

All Reposa professional shoes and clogs are made to comply with EN ISO 20347:2012 and 20345:2011. The shoes are made in Italy and offer comfort, support, and practicality.

Most importantly, the Reposa range of shoes is non-slip, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of slips at work. Because they have a closed upper, they offer a good level of protection against spills.

All the shoes in their catalogue are available in a selection of colours and you can even customise them if you wish. It is a good way of making the shoes part of a cleaning uniform.

The Reposa range is large but the following are particularly worth looking at:


It is Reposa’s best seller. It’s made of SEBS rubber, making it environmentally friendly, recyclable, and extremely soft and thus comfortable.

It is antistastic ESD thanks to an embedded plug and it has the maximum anti-slip on the sole, useful to prevent the user from slipping.

The closed upper protects against spills and the side holes allow ventilation, which helps to keep your foot cool and dry. It also incorporates a strap for greater anchorage to the foot.


The Safe is the sterilizable clog also equipped with a steel toe-cap. This will protect your feet from being crushed while moving patients or hospital equipment. This shoe, despite the presence of the toecap is still surprisingly comfortable and supportive.  The rubber material ensures that the footwear is easy to clean and does not retain dirt. Like other models of the line it has closed upper with sides windows for foot ventilation.


The model Work is available in two versions with and without a reinforced toecap, .

Reposa Work is the laced-up version of the professional white line, made of microfiber and polyurethane. It is perfect for some professionals such as cleaners who seek a higher degree of protection for their feet.


The Complete is the most classic version of the Reposa sterilisable line. Antistatic, non-slip, with a safety strap that makes it even more stable when worn. It has a closed upper, but has lateral holes that allow the foot to ventilate. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

Take a look at the Reposa catalogue to discover the other models available.

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